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Bicycle Chains

High-quality chains to suit all bikes

Usually constructed from alloy steel, bike chains form the backbone of your bicycle drivetrain. The power you produce while pedaling is transferred into motive force, driven through the bike’s cassette and gearing.

Any bike will require maintenance of the chain and occasional replacement chains to keep the bike in good working order. We stock a range of high-quality bike chains for all types of bikes.

Bicycle chains: our top picks

Bicycle chains: FAQ

Bicycle chains come in different lengths, the length you require depends on the size of your front chain rings, rear sprockets and distance between them. You can count the links on your old chain to give you an exact size

Chains stretch as they wear, if you measured with a tape measure you could find its longer than a new chain that has the same amount of links. Counting links is the best way to match up to a new chain.

Not only is the width of your chain import but also the pin length. The more rear sprockets you have the narrower your chain needs to be to be able to fit on the cogs. We aim to simplify our chains descriptions on our website by stating what ‘speed’ they will fit. For example if you have 9 rear gears then its a 9 speed chain you need. We also have a handy sizing chart on our website for you to use.

As you use your old chain it wears with your cassette/freewheel, meaning if it starts stretching your rear gears will wear to marry up with your chain. When you put a new chain on that has no stretch it doesn’t marry up well to the rear gears because they have slightly worn to your old chain. If your new chain skips, jumps, crunches on the rear gears it means you have to fit a new rear cassette/freewheel. To combat this in the future keep checking your chain for wear using a chain wear tool.  When your chain starts wearing swap it out for a new one and save yourself from buying a new rear gear aswell.

Sometimes we buy in mass bulk from our suppliers. Many chain brands like SRAM, Shimano, KMC sell chains in both Bulk boxes and individually boxed. We do aim to buy individually boxed, but during times of shortages of specific chains we will buy them in bulk to keep our supply going.

Most of the chains we stock do come with a form of connecting them, in the form of either a quick connecting link / power link / Bullet pin. Some of our low budget and entry level chains may need a chain rivet tool to join together. We also stock chain rivet tools and spare power links on our website.

Bicycle chain sizing chart

GearsSizeType of bike
Single speed (wide)1/2 x 1/8″BMX, Kids bikes, Fixies
Single speed (Narrow)1/2″ x 3/32″BMX, Fixies, Track bikes
51/2 x 3/32″Geared bikes (vintage mountain bikes, town bikes, dutch)
61/2″ x 3/32″Entry level MTB, Hybrids, road, town,cruiser bikes
71/2″ x 3/32″Entry level MTB, Hybrids, road, town, cruiser bikes
81/2″ x 3/32″MTB, Hybrid, Road bikes
91/2″ x 11/128″ (6.60mm pin length)MTB, Hybrid, Road bikes
101/2″ x 11/128″ (5.88mm pin length)MTB, Hybrid, Road bikes
111/2″ x 11/128″ (5.65mm pin length)Mountain Bikes , Road Bikes
121/2″ x 11/128″ (5.20mm pin length)New Models of MTB 

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