Tru-Tension Tyre Monkey Tire Lever

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Tru-Tension   (as seen on Dragons Den)

Tyre Monkey – No more frustration with hard and tricky-to-fit tyres.

Tyre Monkey is the revolutionary new bicycle tyre lever designed to make removing and fitting tyres a breeze. Developed to be the fastest and easiest tyre-changing tool on the market.

How to use the Tru-Tension Tyre Monkey Lever

Step 1: To Remove the Tyre – Hook section under the bead of the tyre and rotate around the rim
Step 2: Refitting the Tyre – Hook the section onto the rim and rotate around the rim pushing the bead in


Conventional tyre levers are fiddly, frustrating to use, and often very difficult to remove and refit tyres, not to mention the constant risk of hitting your knuckles on the spokes.

Our patent-pending Tyre Monkey allows anyone to remove and refit tyres in no time, with minimal effort. Its geometry keeps your hand at 90 degrees to the wheel to prevent the problem of hitting your hand on spokes while also only requiring one Tyre Monkey tool rather than multiple conventional tyre levers.

Its compact design means it can easily be kept in a pocket, jersey, or saddle bag without taking up more room than a standard tyre lever. Designed and developed in the UK and manufactured from lightweight, super strong, hard-wearing composite material.

Suitable for:

– All bicycles, including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, Children’s Bikes, BMX, and more!

– All tyre and rim widths

– Left and right-handed users

– Hooked and hookless rims

– Tubed and tubeless tyres

May not work on every rim and tyre combination.


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