Beto Mini Pump Bike Bicycle Reversible PRESTA SCHRADER 2-Way pump Alloy CMP-008


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Beto Mini Pump
Reversible Head to fit SCHRADER or PRESTA
Ideal travel pump for emergency repairs on your ride
Precision Alloy Barrel
Easy to read Large oval Gauge 
Thumb lock Lever 
Kraton Handle
270mm Length 
Includes pump clip
Please Note: 
The gauge states 120PSI, however this is only a small mini pump ideal for emergency use, and will not get 120PSI from such a small pump. 
Its simple common sense that you cannot get high pressure from such a small cheap item. 
The ideal use would be to blow up your tyres at home using a large track pump or compressor then keep this mini pump in your cycle pack or bag pack (or attach it to the frame with the clip provided) and use it for an emergency. If you have a blow out of the road or change your inner-tube you can just put enough pressure in your tube with this pump to see you safely home.
Once again please DO NOT try and get extremely high pressures from this pump as you will break it doing so. 
It is just a mini pump ideal to get you home in an emergancy
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